Spotless App Protects Your Instagram Account From Spam

Spotless App Protects Your Instagram Account From Spam
March 6, 2015 admin
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If there are 2 thing you are guaranteed to find on the internet in large quantities, it is spam, and trolls; trolls being the people who give others a hard time or act annoying just for their own amusement. The people who are online all the time and for some reason have nothing better to do than to make fun of others and spread malicious rumors, these people tend to ruin any intelligent or interesting conversation that was going on before them.

Spam and trolls aren’t just found on websites and blogs, they are all over social media too, many now on the ever increasing Instagram photo sharing platform. To deal with the abusive comments and spammy behavior going on at Instagram, some people have made a smart app that can detect and remove any malicious comments that get thrown your way, monitoring all of your Instagram posts at once, so you don’t have to.


Spotless is the name of this new app, and it is available at the iPhone app store from Thursday onwards. Spotless will protect your Instagram account from unnecessary spam promotion comments, as well as intrusive, malicious or plain rude comments, leaving your profile looking shiny and full of the real conversation leaving behind only the relevant comments. It is much easier to interact and converse on a comment page that isn’t full of spam, wouldn’t you agree?

The app is incredibly easy to use. It will run in the “cloud” and will filter through the comments based on keywords. As an example; if you don’t want any comments to appear on your pictures that mention the word “follow back”, “shout out”, “add me” etc., you enter those keywords, and from then on anytime someone leaves a comment using those keywords, Spotless will detect and remove them instantly so you never have to deal with them yourself, you can just use Instagram as it was intended to be used: to enjoy sharing photos with your friends!