Instagram Launches Carousel Advertising

Instagram Launches Carousel Advertising
March 5, 2015 admin
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Since 2013, Instagram has been tiptoeing around the mobile advertising market, being wary of upsetting their astonishing user count which is now well over 300 million and counting. Today however Instagram announced a major change to its advertising structure, they launched slideshow advertisements.

This new advertising feature has been named “carousel” and it will allow Instagram’s advertisers to post several pictures at once in a type of slideshow form for users to flick through one a time. The significant part of this is that each photo can be linked to a 3rd party website, i.e. the brands official home page. This will allow the users to learn about the brands being posted there as well as driving traffic for the advertiser.

This is a great advertising strategy because it allows advertisers to finally turn their “likes” and “followers” into real life purchases and traffic flow for their brand and websites. Marketers have been hoping for a feature like this for some time now, and it has finally arrived today – March 5th 2015.

This allows for multi-page ad campaigns to be converted to mobile, for the first time ever. There is also the extra benefit of the user being able to click the ad to be brought to the advertiser’s website.

Unfortunately the carousal and advertising feature is currently only available for brands to use, it is not available to individual Instagram users who may be interested in creating a carousel of multiple personal pictures. The feature may become more accessible to all users at a later date, but we will just have to wait and see.