Instagram Makes It Even Easier For Businesses

Instagram Makes It Even Easier For Businesses
May 6, 2016 admin
Even Easier For Businesses

Instagram is constantly innovating different features. It’s one of the fastest-growing platforms along with Facebook, which is its owner company. One of they new things they have announced is a button that will be added to certain profiles. Online those Instagrams that are business-related will have it available.

instagram contact This is what the Contact button menu would look like. Image taken from The Verge.

This new “Contact” button will allow anyone to contact that brand or business directly through email without having to leave the platform. And not just that, but those profiles will also have additional information about the company like its adress. The objective is to make it even easier for the consumer, to have businesses even closer to the customers. Plus, it’s also a big help for the business as well.

At the moment, only a few account have them since they’re still more or less testing it out. But in a few weeks time (maybe months, but lets hope not), we’ll be seeing it on many other well-known accounts. This will be a great way not only make contact between client and company much easier, but also to generate an even bigger income thanks to that platform with millions of users, where there are thousands of companies active on it on a daily basis. Protection Status for