Instagram for Businesses

Instagram for Businesses
October 16, 2015 admin
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When Instagram first began, it wasn’t all just personal Instagram accounts full of selfies and pictures of dogs or house pets. There were also lots of business-related accounts on the social network. However, back then there were barely any ads, and if people saw one or two they would start complaining on how the site isn’t “meant for that”.

ben and jerry's Video preview of the first video uploaded to the account.

But now Instagram has done something to show us that it actually is a site for businesses as well, and not only personal pictures. They’ve created a new account called @instagramforbusiness. Pretty straightforward, right? In it they’ll be sharing all kinds of news and stories about known and not too known brands, what they’ve done, behind the scenes of their marketing campaigns, etc.

This might have been a little bit for difficult to do a few years ago, but now ads and brands are very present on Instagram and people have not only learned to accept them, but they even follow their favorite brands on there. That’s because they know how to attract customers, they upload what people want to see, they provide attractive comment and not just a boring ad in yuor face that tells you you have to buy something, period. Protection Status for