Instagram Ads Are Going Downhill

Instagram Ads Are Going Downhill
October 19, 2015 admin
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As we’ve mentioned in another post last week,  Instagram has increasingly been adding ads onto the social platform. In the beggining, it was very hard to add ads because people were 100% against them. However, with time, people started understanding that Instagram needed some form of income in order to gain money and keep the platform alive, working and stable.

sprint instagram One of the latest ads added by Sprint.

Therefore, they started introducing ads, but not just any kind of ads. Brands would use very good quality pictures that would look like one from a personal account, only that they were promoting a product. Let’s take for example Levi’s. They use a picture of 4 people sitting on a hill in the middle of a lovely forest. It seems like a normal picture, but it’s a Levi’s ad that attracts customers because of how attractive the picture is per se. Also, the people in the picture are wearing Levi’s.

People were OK with these type of ads because they we’re “annoying” ones. However, we’re starting to see new types of ads when we’re scrolling down through our feed. Ads that aren’t as neat and taken care of as the one we just mentioned. One of the most recently uploaded ones is a picture of the new iPhone uploaded by Sprint. The picture is just the iPhone with a simple white background. Nothing else. It’s the typical ad. And the “typical” ad is what nobody wants to see on Instagram. Are brands getting lazy? Are we going to end up having our feed full of normal and boring ads? Let’s hope they listen to the users and avoid this… Protection Status for