How Instagram Is Changing Photography

How Instagram Is Changing Photography
March 10, 2015 admin
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The ever popular social media app, Instagram App has forever changed the way in which we look at photography. The moments of our life that we capture and share with our friends are important in creating an artistic eye. The photos that we share from our life give  our own look, perception of the world. To whoever wants to see it, even if you are only photographing your dinner, you are still making an artistic expression.

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However, looking through someones Instagram profile probably will not give an accurate view on their everyday life. Because it is a form of art, and art is always abstracted in some way. People pose, create situations, and share their high moments only. So while it may not be a good way to see directly into someones life. Instagram is a great way to realize the art that is present in everyday life. Instagram is literally changing the way the whole world looks at Professional photography, and art in general.

The photos we share show a highlight reel of our life, all of your top moments that we are proud of, and this is going to be something very valuable one day to you when you are older and wish to reminisce, but even for you kids, or even grandkids to look back on your life, it will give them  a much better understanding of how you lived, what made you happy, and your creativity.

Instagram is also a place where professional artists can gain massive exposure for their works, especially for photographers who can gain loyal fans and help spread the word out about their work, as well as a place where potential clients can browse their portfolio and contact them if needed.