Taylor Lautner Made an Instagram Account!

Taylor Lautner Made an Instagram Account!
May 19, 2016 admin
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To this day, the majority of all real life celebrities have made an Instagram account. There are many others that still ahven’t, for one reason or another, but usually lots of them end up caving in. Today we noticed that Taylor Lautner, who became extremely famous for playing Jacob in the Twiligh movies, made this first Instagram account ever.

instagram taylor Screencap of Taylor’s first video.

However, he didn’t start his account by uploading a simple picture. No way! He made a video with Adam Sandler and David Spade, which to be honest is pretty funny. He even mentions his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. He already uploaded a second video as well, and we love it. But what we love is not the fact that he made an account or that he uploads videos instead of pictures. It’s that he seems to be using his Instagram in a very personal way, and that’s awesome.

Most celebrities use Instagram as another way of making money. They can get benefits from it and it’s just another part of the business. So in many cases, when you go to a celebrity’s account, you’re going to be seeing lots of serious pictures, with brands, etc. But when you find an account like this, of a celebrity full of humor and laughter, you really appreciate it. More famous people should be doing that as well!

We hope he keeps uploading many more new videos in the future. We can’t wait to see more on our feed!

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