Instagram Has an Official Rapunzel

Instagram Has an Official Rapunzel
May 21, 2016 admin

Since there are so many active Instagram accounts nowadays, it can sometimes be very hard to stand out among all those people… or cats. And dogs. There are thousands and thousands of specific account, like someone who dedicates their Instagram to their dressed up dog. But today we want to show you a russian girl we heard about on this website, who stands out because of her hair.

instagram rapunzel

This picture clearly shows how long her hair is.

Yes, her hair! We know there are lots of Instagrammers with awesome hair, but this one isn’t something we’d typically see. It’s not the hair, it’s not the hairdo. It’s the length. This russian woman called Dashik Gubanova Freckle has the longest hair anyone has seen, and definitely the longest hair on Instagram.

She uploads lots of pictures of her daily life or photoshoots, and in all of them you can see how amazingly long her hair is. She has become pretty well-known worldwide. Different magazines and newspapers from around the world have already started talking about her. She claims she hasn’t cut her hair in 13 years, but plans to do so one it reaches her toes. When she started growing it, she just wanted to see how long it could actually grow, and she’s very proud of doing it.

Lots of people have suggested her to donate her hair so they can make wigs out of it. She also gets a lot of questions regarding hair care: How do you manage to comb it? How to you blow-dry it? How do you wash it properly? She tries to answer as many doubts as she can on the comments section. If you want to know more, check out her account! It’s @dashik_gubanova.