Strange Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Strange Instagram Accounts You Should Follow
January 17, 2017 admin
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Apart from the typical food accounts, pet accounts, fashion Instagrams and so on, there’s also a wide range of really weird accounts that look nothing like any other. However, although they may be weird, they can make your timeline much more interesting than it is! So keep reading if you want to know what types of strange accounts we came across.

instagram A girl with a picture of a receipt that got one of those special tips!

One of the first ones we came across is quite interesting: TipsForJesus. This person seems ot be going around different placs leaving huge tips ($5000? Amazing!) to waiters. Nobody knew who they person was, and many people even thought it could be more than one person. But eventually, we found out it was Paypal’s vice president, Jack Selby. What a great guy!

Another account that became pretty well known a coupld of years ago is Mrpimpgoodgame. He’s known for filling his Instagram account with selfies and only selfies. That’s all you’ll find there. And honestly, we think it’s pretty funny!

Miserable Men is also a curious account. It’s basically a collection of pictures of men that go with their couples shopping and are extremely bored! It’s the typical cliché made Instagram, and it’s pretty neat.

The last one we wanted to show you is one of the most original ones we found. The guy’s name is Chaz Rorick, and what he does is imitate as best and accurately as he can old paintings or pictures of famous people, and it’s pretty well done! Check it out and see it for yourselves, we’re sure you’ll like it.