It’s All About the Angle

It’s All About the Angle
January 19, 2017 admin

It’s All About the Angle. When we’re checking posts on Instagram, we tend to see lots of beautiful guys and girls and wish we could be like them physically. However, one of Instagram’s most famous fitness gurus has joined many others to spread the message that there is no such thing as the perfect body, it’s all about angles and lighting!

It's All About the Angle

Picture uploaded by Anna Victoria showing what her body looks like in different poses.

Fitness professional Anna Victoria took to Instagram recently to show the world that a few pictures people upload to their account do not determine what they look like accurately in real life. In order to do so, she uploaded a picture of herself posing in front of a mirror and another picture of herself sitting on a couch. In the first picture she looks like the typical fit girl from the Internet, and in the second one we can more or self see ourselves (or a “normal” body). However, both pictures were only taken minutes apart. And look at how different they are!

With these posts, they want to try and make everyone realize that it’s not that their bodies are “perfect”, they’ve just got good poses and lighting. Anyone can look fit even if they’re not just by taking pictures a certain way. Also, they want they followers to know that they don’t have to look any specific way in order to be healthy. It’s way more than what you look like a picture you upload on a social website. Protection Status for