Pornography Spam on Instagram

Pornography Spam on Instagram
January 12, 2017 admin
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Pornography was never allowed on Instagram at all. Not even soft porn. Erotic images have always been allowed as long as they follow the social network’s rules and guidelines (like, for instance, the no nipple policy), especially when it comes to photography. But it seems like in the past few months, lots of people have been starting to find porn content on Instagram.

instagram censored Instagram’s filters seem to ignore inappropriate words with diacritics over the letters.

Many accounts have been created since Instagram’s creating that worked as bot accounts to attract people to porn websites, livecam sites, etc. But there were never too many and they didn’t last too long since people would report them really quickly. However, in the past few months there have been massive reports against accounts like these. In some cases, there are normal Instagram accounts that get hacked and turn into pornographic bot accounts. The way they “promote” themselves is by using very common hashtag, in many cases not realted to pornography at all. So someone can be looking for the hashtag “London” and get a pornographic clip uploaded to some account.

Of course people report this very quickly and those accounts get shut down very fast, but they’re also created at a very quick rate. And the issue here is not just that it goes against Instagram’s norms, but also because this social platform has very very young users that are still not sexually mature enough for this content. And they really should’nt have to be exposed to this kind of spam. Let’s just hope it gets solved in the near future.

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