Security tips for Instagram users

Security tips for Instagram users
January 31, 2014 admin

Social networks are places in which we can share our hobbies and experiences and where we can meet new people. In some, like Instagram, we can also explore our hobbies or our professions to their full potential (in Instagram’s case, the art of photography). But everything isn’t a bed of roses in the social networks and, as we don’t trust every person we meet in the streets, we shouldn’t do it on Instagram either.

In the following lines, we offer you some tips that will help you to avoid security problems when you are on Instagram and for your profile to be totally safe from crimes, computer frauds, deceptions or SPAM.

Instagram’s origins, according to one of its creators

  • If you are a minor, you should count with your parent’s assistance, so they can help you to create your profile on Instagram and supervise your activities in this social network. In fact, this social network is usually free of criminal activities like cyberbullying but, in any case, the risk is still there, on Instagram, in other social networks or even in the streets, so you have to be very careful.
  • Watch your contacts closely. Don’t add to your profile every person that request it and don’t trust the people that seem very “open” to you when you haven’t know them for a while. They could have bad intentions.
  • If, for example, you are going to buy 100 Instagram followers, be sure to buy them in a company that gives you real followers.
  • Identity theft or honor infringement are crimes so, if you notice any sign that your information is being used in an illegal manner, you should report it to Instagram or, if the evidences point out to a crime, you should address it to the relevant authorities.
  • Don’t be stupid. Forget things like: “This can’t happen to me” or “I can’t believe something like that could be done through Internet alone”. Attacks against our online security happen more frequently than we can imagine.
  • Report to Instagram if you receive unwanted publicity or SPAMs, or any content related to any illegal activity, like drug trafficking for instance.
  • Learn to choose the appropriate security configuration for your profile and increase the restrictions to access to your profile if you have too many requests from people you don’t want to add to your count.
  • Recently, Instagram has announced that it will be able to use our pictures for commercial purposes. Well, this is true and so appears in the contract we sign with Instagram when we open our account on this social network. But, until that happens, the pictures of our profiles are exclusively ours and others users can’t use them or publish them as theirs.

We can’t forget that Instagram already has 200 millions of profiles and, with so many people involved, it is very possible that some users have dark intentions. Even if they are a minority in this social network, every precaution must be taken to defend our personal security. post!!!