3 useful Instagram Tips 2015

3 useful Instagram Tips 2015
February 7, 2015 admin
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Instagram is a very popular site, and it is always being updated with new features and options to make it the best social media site of 2015. One of the most recent updates on Instagram is the introduction of Instagram Video. With all the changes being made it can be hard to keep up to date and that is why we have made a list of 3 useful tricks for Instagram in 2015.. 

1. Stop seeing annoying posts

You likely have a few contacts on Instagram who are a bit hectic with their posting; posting a snap of every single meal, or continuously babbling. if you are fed up with their posts, and you can’t remove them as friend for one reason or another (maybe social obligations) you can simply choose to stop seeing posts from that person. To do so, on the persons post or page, press the tray button at the top of the screen and select “block all posts from this user”.

2. Send photos directly to certain people

You may have times where you want to show some people a photo, but not want others to see it, and certainly don’t want it public on your profile for the whole world to see. For these situations you can directly send photo’s to one or multiple people of your choosing, privately.  To do this trick, when you are on the “share to” screen for uploading your picture, tap on the “direct” tab. From here you can type in the names or scroll through your friends list and select you candidates. Your photo will then be sent to their private inbox.

3. Disable  Video Preloading

The same as Facebook, INstagram will now by default preload the videos in your feed, so that when you scroll to it, it will automatically start playing.. This can be annoying, especially if you don’t want to watch videos or of you have a limited wifi or mobile internet connection.  To stop this, head over to your profile and tap the settings button. Here you will see the option for video preloading, choose to only load when connected to a wifi connection and choose to only preload and not play on scrolling.