4 Brilliant Photographers To Follow On Instagram

4 Brilliant Photographers To Follow On Instagram
February 5, 2015 admin
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Instagram is home to a wealth of visual inspiration to get you in the mood, or make you appreciate life; that is only if you know where to look of course.  Every single hour 5 million new photos get uploaded to Instagram. That is a hell of a lot of new photos,  this can make it harder to find quality photos for your own enjoyment. Luckily the follow button exists and we can shortlist any profiles we find that we like, to get constantly updated when they publish a new photo.. Listed below are X  grt Instagram photographers who you should definitely check out and follow 


1) Dan Rubin

dan robin

Dan is a popular writer, photographer and designer. He is a keen traveler , and loves to upload shooting photo’s of the destinations he visits. His photography mainly focuses on Buildings, landmarks and landscapes and other mundane occurrences but his photo’s make us look at these things in a different perspective, and  a different light.

2) Dave Yoder

Dave yoder

What is your dream job? for many people its is working as a National Geographic photographer.. well David Yoder does just that. As a regular contributor to National Geographic, Davids instagram is often updated with insightful, inspirational and moving photo’s, from all over the world. This account is a “must follow” for any travel and culture lovers.

3)   Dustin Vaughn-Luma


Vaughn-Luma is well known for expressing his unique point of view in his photographs, and this makes him very suitable for following. A consultant by trade, and coffee drinker on the side, his pictures that range from everything to anything will be sure to be enjoyable. Great characters take great photos.

4)  Jane Samuels


If you are a fan of forgotten places,or like looking back on a simpler time in recent history, then follow Jane Samuels. She searches out abandoned homes, schools, asylums, hospitals , you name it, and takes stunning photos that root up emotions within us. Jane will open your eyes to the beauty of abandoned buildings. She is apart of the Abandoned Buildings Project and you can interactively explore hundreds of abandoned buildings via her Instagram page.