5 tipos de fotos que debes evitar en Instagram

5 tipos de fotos que debes evitar en Instagram
February 6, 2014 admin
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Instagram has not only become one of the most famous social networks in the world, but has been the engine of many new generation photographic tendencies. Some of them have really triumphed among users and even hashtags such as “selfie” have been considered “word of the year”. However, there are tendencies that, due to tiredness, ridiculousness or excess saturation, are fashions that we should avoid on Instagram.

Photos of coffees

Coffee lovers do not have enough to continually remind the ‘non-coffee’ that “I without coffee is not a person” or “until I drink a coffee I do not wake up”. But honestly, the photos of “art-coffee” do not matter to anyone, or almost. How much damage American junk culture has done in general and Starbucks in particular.

Unappetizing food

Some time ago we talked to you on our website about tips to make good photos of food on Instagram. And among the photos of desserts, gourmet dishes, hamburgers … etc have authentic works of art junk. Junk food in photo version we could call it. Avoid flashes, greenish or yellowish filters and, please, do not post anything that you are going to eat. Buying likes on Instagram is much more advisable to get popularity than to continue uploading these types of photographs.

Selfies in the mirror

The selfies, as you all know already, are those photos that you make yourself to hang on social networks and that Instagram has become popular, to the point that Obama himself has yielded to his charms. However, this bombardment by saturation has favored the appearance of really horrifying selfies, in which people who like themselves too much make a fool of themselves in the mirror. Score bonus if the boys mark package and if the girls put duck nuggets.

Travel and posture

Almost everyone likes to travel and see snapshots of places they have never been. But one thing is to show photos of your trips and another thing is to photograph posters of shops or pubs, billboards or beer labels to show that we are in another country. If you are going to show us pictures of your trip, show some more interesting ones!

Puppies and crawlers

Yes, we already know that they are very cute, that kittens and puppies are very adorable and even funny. We can recognize that, from time to time, these photos are nice, but please, we have already seen your cat “Simon” pose more times than Claudia Schiffer. And every time you dress him in a more ridiculous way. Please stop.