5 kinds of pictures you shouldn’t post on Instagram

5 kinds of pictures you shouldn’t post on Instagram
February 6, 2014 admin
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Instagram not only is one of the most popular social networks of the whole world, but it also has been the driving force behind many trends in photography of this new generation. Some of them have reached a great success among the users and even some hashtags, like “selfie”, have been considered “words of the year”. But there are trends that we better avoid because they are so tiresome or/and ridiculous or because there is way too many of that kind of pictures for them to be appreciated anymore.

Coffee pictures

Coffee lovers don’t have enough with reminding us, the people who don’t consume it, that “I can’t live without coffee” or that “Until I get my coffee, I can’t wake up”. But, really, hardly anyone likes “art-coffee” pictures. The American trash culture and Starbucks have done a great deal of damage in this regard.

Uninviting food

Some time ago, we presented you in our web some tips you can put into practice to make good food pictures to post in your Instagram account. That’s because among the pictures of desserts, gourmet dishes, hamburgers, etc., there are a lot of “works of art” that we can consider just garbage. We could call them junk food in photography version. Avoid flashes, green or yellow filters and, please, don’t post everything you are going to eat. To buy likes on Instagram is a much better way to get popularity than uploading this kind of pictures.

5 kinds of pictures you shouldn’t post on Instagram

Selfies with a mirror

Selfies, as you well know, are those pictures that you take of yourself to post them on social networks. Instagram has popularized this kind of pictures, to the extent that even Obama himself has given into it. But the excess of this kind of pictures has led to the emergence of horrible selfies, in which people who are in love with their bodies make a fool of themselves in front of the mirror. They even think they will get bonus points if the guys emphasize their packages and the girls make a “kissy face”.

Pictures of inane things you see in your trips

Almost everyone likes to travel and to see pictures of places where they have never been. But one thing is to post pictures of your trips but it is quite another to take a picture of the post signs of every store or pub that cross your path, of billboards or even of beer labels to show everyone that you are in another country. If you are going to post pictures of your trips, upload photographs of more interesting things!

Doggies and kitties

Yes, we already know that they are super cute. Doggies and kitties are adorable creatures and they are fun too. We can admit that, once in a while, these kinds of pictures are very charming, but please, we have seen more pictures of your cat “Simon” than of Claudia Schiffer. And every time you dress him worse than in the previous picture. Please, stop.

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