Is Instagram the next luxury e-commerce platform?

Is Instagram the next luxury e-commerce platform?
June 23, 2015 admin
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Luxury brands aim their products to a very specific audience. Can Instagram be the next site to buy things that are worth millions? A study by Linkinfluence leads us to believe it.

Between 17 April and 17 May 2015, Linkinfluence, a web conversational analyzer, researched amongst the millions of conversations that took place on Instagram and found that luxury is the second-most discussed issue – 2.7 million images having to do with it were posted on Instagram. If you’re curious, the first topic on Instagram during that whole month was food (4 million posts dealing with it). Third came football.

What does this show us? That Instagram’s functions vary from place to place. For instance, South East Asian user community’s posts that have to do with buying or have a commercial undertone. However, not everything is as easy as it may seem. In order to get one luxury product you will usually have to get to a local shop to buy it. Luxury items are not as easily sold as normal ones.

Instagram serves as a powerful resource to advertise products, and even entire families have entered the game. The Kardashians, for instance, are a very powerful way to show new products, as nearly everybody knows them. If they started seriously promoting products, the sells would rise incredibly.

Chanel was the most looked up brand between April 17 and May 17. Chanel was the most looked up brand between April 17 and May 17.

The brand is also important – Chanel is the most discussed one (1.4 million mentions), followed by Louis Vuitton, which has, in return, the highest follower count amongst luxury brands (5.4 million).

The study was only about words, not real data having to do with actual purchases, but it helps us know what topics are hot and what brands reach people best. After all, if you talk, talk and talk a lot about something you can buy, it is more likely that you will end up buying it, isn’t it?