Cheaters on Facebook and Instagram. Choosing the perfect pic, the perfect location, they best way to show the world that gorgeous hamburger you’re about to eat – could that be a sign of our unhappiness?

Cheaters on Facebook and Instagram

Cheaters on Facebook and Instagram

Full swimming pools, paradise-like locations or idyllic vacation spots are a part of what people show on social networks, which are not bad themselves, but can highlight the idea that we are lonelier than we really are. We can feel alone and isolated if we are constantly seeing others do amazing things on social media.

You can have an amazing family, a caring boyfriend or girlfriend, heart-warming friends and a completely fulfilling hobby, yet if you don’t show all of that to your social media followers it’s like it didn’t even happen. Moreover, it seems like Facebook or Instagram – or any other social media, to be honest – push us to live life at 100 mph, not enjoying moments but accumulating them.

It isn’t also good for your self-esteem to see people exercising – or pretending to do so – when you have taken eggs and bacon for breakfast that same morning. It is like you’re a tourist visiting The Perfect World. Likewise, it is like the world they show you on advertisements: perfect, bright, permanently happy. And it is depressing for many people.

In spite of that, there are people who still use Facebook or Instagram to show, not their perfect, fulfilling lives, but pieces of them which make them happy. A painting, a song, an opinion about a movie… A beautiful shot of your city’s skyline can be as enchanting as the most romantic place in the world. It’s a matter of enjoying what one’s doing and not getting obsessed with what the others do.

Do you agree with what has been said? Do you think of social networks as showplaces or do you portrait them as Windows to bits of your (real) life? Protection Status for