Travel Around the World with Instagram

Travel Around the World with Instagram
July 1, 2015 admin
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Travelling is a wonderful way of learning about new cultures, new people, new places, history, food or whatever. It is said that the more you travel the more you understand life. Whether that’s true or not, it is undeniable that travelling can be one of the most exciting, relaxing and wonderful experiences one can live. However, it’s normally expensive – or it was, until now.

That’s why we’re going to recommend you some Instagram accounts devoting to travelling and showing the marvels of our planet. The first stop in our trip is @discoverearth, which, as its name suggests, helps us discover the most marvelous places around the world. From a sunset in Santorini, Greece, to a sunrise in a Queensland paradise-like beach, this account takes pics from other Instagram profiles – giving them credit for it, of course – and posts it so that everyone can see those dreamlike places.

Let’s change places. Do you like France? Even if you don’t, you should absolutely follow Lily Rose (@lily__rose), a French photographer who doesn’t work in France but in very different countries. Her latest destinations? Turkey and Bail, but there’s more on her profile: Indonesia, Ireland, Switzerland—is there any country she hasn’t stepped in?

A lounge in Mauritius by @travelmehappy A lounge in Mauritius by @travelmehappy

There’s also a place for couples here. Travel Me Happy (@travelmehappy) is an account managed by a couple of lovers coming also from France, who traveled around the world sharing their love. That’s why, apart from seeing magnificent pictures of the light bluish Malaysian sea, you’ll see them joining their hands to make a heart shape, drinking combining cocktails, or looking at their feet, in rather heartwarming pics that don’t overshadow those of astonishing landscapes and paradilse-like beaches.

We’ve only mentioned three, but there’s a bunch more Instagram profiles about travelling that show us the beauty of the world. Do you know any others? Let us know!

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