Kendall Jenner Overthrows Kim Kardashian

Kendall Jenner Overthrows Kim Kardashian
June 29, 2015 admin
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Kim Kardashian was, till now, the best woman of Instagram, if we take her follower and like count into account. However, Kendall Jenner has slowly become the most popular of the sisters in the Kardashian family. Will she overthrow her stepsister?

We say this because she has just broken a record which was held by Kim. Until now, Kim Kardashian had the most liked pic on Instagram. Her picture depicting a marriage kiss in Florence, Italy, posted around a year ago, has no less than 2.47 million likes. However, Kendall Jenner has broken this record with a photo published last May, during the Cannes Film Festival. On it, we can see the gorgeous brunette wearing a superb dress, lying down on her hotel room with her eyes closed. Her hair has the shape of a heart crown all around her head and her eyes are closed. It is definitely a beautiful pic. Five weeks and 2.48 million likes later, it seems she’s definitely overthrown her stepsister.

Instagram pic with the most likes, as of now - heart-haired Kendall Instagram pic with the most likes, as of now – heart-haired Kendall

Is there a rivalry between the two sisters? Jenner is surely proud of this new record, as she has even acknowledged it on her own account. “Take that Kimye!” wrote her on Twitter when she heard the news. Words with a lot of humor inside, of course. But Kim could see red because of this. Kendall’s life is getting better and better as she gets hired for campaigns and parades all over the world.

North’s mom’s pic has also taken a lot of attention because of the dress she is wearing. White and intricately designed, some have seen as a wedding dress. It would be a funny thing to happen, as Kim’s most like photo features her kissing her husband Kanye West. It seems that if you want to succeed on Instagram you must wear a wedding dress – or something that resembles one. Protection Status for