Want To Be Noticed As A Model? Join Instagram Now!

Want To Be Noticed As A Model? Join Instagram Now!
April 9, 2015 admin
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Are you an aspiring model? Do you want to become a model, and maybe even become super famous along the way? Well, experts are now basically saying; Join Instagram right now if you haven’t already, and start doing everything you can to start building your follower base…

The modeling agency, One Management has just launched a new division for social media named, 1K, and it features models who are distinguished partly based on their popularity, and presence on social media…

The big modeling brands that typically would of done printed campaigns are now deciding to start leaving magazine, and print advertising and in return are focusing on internet based campaigns only, or at least primarily, and the 1K campaign is only going to be for social media. The president of One Management modeling agency has said that the models involved in these social media campaigns are starting to earn a LOT of money from it.

Why are modeling agencies favoring Instagram and other social platforms over more traditional methods of campaigning? Well look a it this way; Say you were a Dressmaker, and you were searching for a model to wear and showcase your dress, would you prefer to hire a model who has an outdated or non-active Instagram account, or would you prefer to and see more potential in hiring a model who is popular on the social networks and has vast followers in the hundreds of thousands? Now do you see the logic?

Pro Model, Rocky Barnes (pictured below) currently has 420,000 followers on her Instagram account and because of this got noticed, and then repped by 1.K in an interview, she has said that having in Instagram account has helped her career immensely and open many new, exciting doors for her.Asprigin models need to join instagram

Girls out there may be wondering, how many Instagram followers do I need before modeling agencies will start to scout me? Well there is no definite, but some people say that they look at girls who have around the 100,000 followers mark on Instagram! The sooner you get started, the sooner you will reach it! Good Luck!