Brace Yourself, Advertisers – Instagram is coming

Brace Yourself, Advertisers – Instagram is coming
July 28, 2015 admin
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Talking about the lifespan of social networking sites is always a dangerous topic. However, there are some sites which have a bright future ahead. Instagram can certainly count on lasting a few more years. What’s its secret? Advertising.

According to eMarketers, Instagram could surpass Google and Twitter’s income having to do with advertising (taking into account mobile platforms). So far, it is like an experimenting field for legal advertising (illegal ads have been present on the network since it caught on a few years ago). The difficulty lies on what Instagram is like – purely visual. That means it’s difficult to place publicity there.

Will Instagram's advertising-related income be enough to compete with Facebook? Will Instagram’s advertising-related income be enough to compete with Facebook?

eMarketers predicts that in only two years Instagram could have an advertising-related income of 2.81 billion dollars, a 10% of Facebook’s income linked to publicity for that same period. Instagram’s total income is only a 3.7% of Facebook’s, and that number is expected to rise to 7.1% during 2016.

Knowing that advertising plays a key role in spreading the word and offering a more customized experience to each and every user, Instagram set its own platform so that people could buy products they saw on pics directly on the photo-sharing network.

What can we say from all this? Advertising is changing rapidly and it’s time for brands to hop on the technology train before it’s too late. Traditional strategies don’t work anymore. Now we look for a more personal experience, an experience of our own. Only the companies who take that into account will see an increase in their income. Facebook and Instagram have learned the lesson, but we’ll have to wait to see if the predictions made by eMarketers become true or not. It’s only a matter of time.