Instagram Gifs with VSCO

Instagram Gifs with VSCO
October 30, 2015 admin
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Instagram is mainly about uploading pictures. And, obviously, all pictures are static. You can also upload videos, which are similar to Vine but can last a bit longer. However, recently people have been considering the attractiveness of being able to upload GIFs to Instagram, so some apps have tried adding new tools for this on their software.

instagram dsco The new logo for the DSCO app.

In this case we’ll be talking about VSCOcam’s approach. They have developed a new app called DSCO, which allows you to record a really short video (3 seconds) and loop it forever. That way, it turns into a gif and not a video. Now, if you guys use or have used VSCO,  you know the style it has that makes it characteristic. It’s simple, and it’s got lovely filters. And most importantly, it doesn’t mess with the quality of the original picture, which is something that happens with many different apps including Instagram.

There are a few other apps very similar to DSCO like Boomerang, but this one has convinced us the most in terms of quality. In order to make a gif, it’s very similar to Vine. You have to keep the recording button pressed and it records as much as you’d like. However, in Vine you could make cuts in the recording just but unclicking and then cliking again to stop and continue the video. But in this app we can’t do that!

We think it’s a very original way to upload a different type of content, and we’re anxious to see what Instagram users come up with! Download the app and give it a try yourself.