Is Instagram important or very important for your Business? Instagram is not just a photo-sharing and social media online community; it is also a great marketing platform for businesses. With 100 million active users; this marketing platform has so much potential. So how important is Instagram for your business? It is very important.

For various reasons, Instagram is good for businesses of all sizes. Let us examine a few such reasons:

  • Pictures can be used as a promotional tool for brands: This is a great way for businesses to be artistic and ingenious when it comes on to expressing and representing their brand in photographs.
  • Instagram can do for pictures what YouTube can do for videos: Photographs uploaded onto Instagram have the potential for going viral, being shared over and over again, and getting much attention and talk.
  • Increase followers: As the business grows in popularity; this can be further utilized to invite your Instagram followers to your Twitter account, to like the business on Facebook, and to opt in to the business’ newsletter.
  • Pictures add a personal touch: People relate well to pictures and Instagram just like any other social network; is a platform that demands interaction and personality. Any business that shares photographs on this network, is allowing the business to demonstrate a human and social aspect. In other words, humanizing the business. Protection Status for