In Britain, everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that Kate Middleton very rarely allows herself to neglect the rules and tries to set a positive example in everything. However, the other day, the wife of Prince William suddenly became the object of criticism of his fans.

This happened after Middleton visited the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, which she takes care of as part of her East Anglia Children’s Hospice. This was Kate’s first public appearance after quarantine, during which she lived with her family in a country house in Anmer Hall. And everyone was happy to make sure that the Duchess looked beautiful and remained as friendly as before. However, in the photos taken in the hospice that appeared on the web, Kate, as her fans could not help but notice, was without a mask, and this caused many indignations. However, she still did not observe the social distance, which is still considered mandatory in Britain.

“How so? She came to the hospice for seriously ill children and endangered their lives! Even if, when she entered the wards, she used a mask, then it could result in infection of the nursing staff caring for the children, with whom she definitely spoke without personal protective equipment, ”many were outraged”. In addition, as the fans reasoned, with her frivolous behavior, Kate set the wrong example for the British.

Recall that Kate arrived at the Nook Center to help and together with other volunteers plant a garden of aromatic herbs and plants. In addition, she brought with her a personally grown large sunflower in a ceramic pot and presented her parents with a boy who was a hospice patient. At the same time, planting plants, Kate enthusiastically delved into the ground with her hands – without garden gloves. Moreover, she didn’t even take her famous sapphire ring, which was given to her by Prince William for her engagement, from her finger.