Get Instagram followers according to their photos

Get Instagram followers according to their photos
September 6, 2013 admin

Get Instagram followers according to their photos. One of the secrets of Instagram’s success is, without any doubt, the possibility of altering our photos. Thanks to the possibility we have with this program to use filters, frames and a large range of effects, Instagram have moved in three years from being an app developed by two friends to be a telecommunication giant that have been bought by Facebook for more than 1.000 million dollars.

On Instagram, 100 million users upload 50 million pictures every day, hoping that theirs will be the most “liked” and they can get a public reputation and their own style. You can get Instagram followers by the style of their photos. A style that will usually put them among the following kind of users:

The normal or “casual” ones

It’s the most popular style. A user with this style is a person who doesn’t have another goal than show his or her photographs. Probably it’s a person who isn’t passionate about the interactive part of the social networks and it’s possible he or she has discovered Instagram very recently, so this person still doesn’t feel comfortable using the options available to include filters or frames. We can say these people have an Instagram profile without a defined style.

The retro or vintage ones

These people like to upload pictures with an old-looking appearance, using different effects to get that old-looking style or they take pictures of objects that nobody uses anymore or that have been mistreated by the time.

The melancholic ones

As the name says, these users upload pictures that are melancholic. They usually capture cloudy landscapes, lonely people or evoking objects. Usually, they alter their pictures, adding fog effects and blurring the image to convey a feeling of solitude, loneliness and melancholy.

The tacky ones

These people use Instagram to upload photos of themselves constantly, taking pictures of themselves looking at mirrors and adding the most tacky filters they can find. They think their pictures have a lot of artistic value and that they look very good in them. But they are very, very wrong. They’re only worried about how to get 100 Likes on Instagram.

The professional ones

These users explain their pictures like they were Cartier-Bresson. They are always looking for interesting details and different angles. Always trying to capture the perfect second and trying to obtain the best light possible. They usually grew very offended if someone makes a negative comment about their pictures.

The annoying ones

There are two kinds of annoying users. On the one hand, there is the one who upload continuously pictures of the activities he or she does in his/her everyday life, when nobody cares about what he/she is doing. And, on the other hand, we have the monothematic user, the one who likes wild mushrooms or who is a great fan of rallies or something like that, and who is uploading pictures of his/her mushrooms or rallies all day long.

The experimental ones

These users choose a picture and they experiment with it until they turn it into something flashy, blurred, ugly and bizarre. Usually, only them like their own compositions.
Well, these are just some examples of the people that you can come across on Instagram. Do you know other types of users? In which category would you fit into? Protection Status for