Brooklyn Beckham’s Tips for Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham’s Tips for Instagram
September 12, 2015 admin
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In case some of you are wondering who Brooklyn is, he’s the son of one of the most famous parents in the world: Victoria and David Beckham. He recently uploaded a video that we think all Instagram users will find pretty helpful!

brookyln instagram A picture of Brooklyn Beckham.

In the video, you can find several basic Instagram tips that, even though some may seem obvious, it’s very necessary that we always bear them in mind. One of the first things he reminds us is that we shouldn’t abuse the selfies. You know that typical Instagram account that is completely full of the user’s selfies? Yeah, avoid doing that. We’re not saying you shouldn’t take selfies, but just don’t spam them.

Another thing a lot of people tend to do on that social network is ask others to follow them. He compares this situation with making friends. Because you don’t ask people to be your friend, right? It just happens. Well, the same goes for Instagram, it doesn’t look good when you ask someone to follow you. Selfie sticks also had their “boom” for a while, but they don’t look good in most pictures. Especially selfies!

People also like to abuse Instagram filters sometimes. Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t fix and retouch your pictures, but when adding filters make sure you’re not adding way too much. If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll easily get a good-looking Instagram account that will seem interesting for others! Protection Status for