Taylor Swift Owns Kardashian on Instagram

Taylor Swift Owns Kardashian on Instagram
September 11, 2015 admin
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A couple of weeks ago Kim Kardashian took over Beyoncé’s spot of most followed celebrity on Instagram. But she didn’t last too long being the new Instagram queen, because someone already took over. And you’ll never guess who… Taylor Swift! Maybe some of you imagined it, maybe not. But there’s a reason why she’s the new top Instagram celebrity.

taylor swift twitter Picture taken from Taylor Swift’s official Instagram account.

One of the things that amazes us the most is that, in spite of being the two most followed Instagram celebrities, the type of content these two women upload is completely different. Kim Kardashian is known for the huge amount of selfies she takes. And she’s got thousands of pictures uploaded, where the majority are selfies!

On the other hand Taylor Swift doesn’t even have 800 pictures uploaded, and her account is almost as old as Kim’s. Furthermore, her Instagram has a wider variety of photos, and not as many selfies. We’ve got videos, group pictures, cute pictures of her pets, etc. All in all, we honestly think Taylor Swift’s Instagram is more interesting. Plus, let’s not forget that this girl’s actually got some real talent, while Kardashian’s fame is based only on her image!

If you want fun and lovely posts on your Instagram news feed, we think it would be a good idea to follow Swift. You’ll love all her updates without feeling like a loser for not being able to have a luxurious celebrity life.