4 More Ways To Get Instagram Followers

4 More Ways To Get Instagram Followers
March 23, 2015 admin
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In last Fridays post , we mentioned 4 awesome ways to get more followers for your Instagram account, and today, we are going to reveal 4 more tips to kick your Instagram follower count into overdrive.

4) Follow Others

You should set some time aside on each Instagram session to seek out other people, brands, bloggers, and celebrities that you actually enjoy, and follow them.  Following people that you truly enjoy will make it easier for you to interact on their pages, and people enjoy getting followers, and will probably return the favor back to you.

3) Repost Often

To succeed on Instagram, you can’t expect to give nothing in and get everything back, if you want people to spread the word about you, you will likely need to spread the word about them too. Be a kind person and re-post photos from other accounts that you enjoy, this is the best way of making friends and contacts on Instagram.  Do it in a genuine way, without asking for anything back, and chances are they will end up posting your photos too, which will bring in lots of new followers for you.

2) Post Clear Photos

On any social media site such as Instagram or Pinterest, if you browse through the most followed, or highest rated photos, the photos you see will all be high quality, concise, clear and easy to understand. These are the exact same types of photos that you need to be posting on Instagram to attract more followers to your account. If you don’t have a good picture to post today, don’t post something low quality, instead you should repost someone else’s photo, or just not publish anything until you have something good to post.

1) Write Your Bio

It is important to have a filled in bio on your Instagram profile page. Here you tell the world who you are, what you do, what makes you awesome and why people should follow you. Chances are you aren’t an A-list celebrity such as Justin Bieber, not everyone knows who are you, so creating your bio will give people the chance to get to know you and connect with you, and people follow people they feel a connection with.

*Bonus Tip*

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