Best Instagram Related Apps

Best Instagram Related Apps
February 19, 2015 admin
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For us Instagram addicts, one official Instagram app may not be enough. Instagram is insanely popular and as a result hundreds of apps have been made, designed to add additional perks, features , new filters, advanced feed and more. Listed below are our top 5 apps to accompany the Official Instagram app

1. SnapSeed

Snapseed is a photo editing app, and its very good at what it does. Clean and simple interface and great editing capabilities. We use it for minor tweaks and changes on our photos before we upload them to Instagram. We usually just tweak the contrast and color a small bit and it usually yields some nice results.

2. VSCO Cam

VSCO is a very flexible app , and has many great photo filters.  When using the app camera, double tapping the screen will allow you to edit the exposure without reducing the focus in anyway. Perfect for if you are photographing in a dark room that could do with a bit more light. There are a wide selection of filters, some free and some at an additional price, but they are beautiful and very high quality.  Upload better pictures to Instagram by taking your snaps with this app.

3. Camera +

Camera + is another great photo tweaking app. If you use Camera + your photos will never again be under, or over exposed. They have a similar double tapping feature to change the exposure, as well as coming with some great other photo tweaking features.

4. Overgram

Overgram is an app for adding text and captions to your photos, you can choose from many fonts, writing styles, themes and colors to add to any photo you like before uploading to Instagram. Photo’s with quotes are extremely popular on Instagram so this is a must have app. Add your favorite quote to your favorite photo and share it out!

5. Pic Stitch

The Pic stitch app is for grouping multiple images together and combining them into one stylish framed picture. Add your favorite pics together to create an awesome cover photo or post, or instead of clogging up everyones feed when you want to share multiple photos at once, just stitch them into on one instead 🙂