Youngest Hairstylist Ever!

Youngest Hairstylist Ever!
July 18, 2016 admin
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When we’re really really young, we usually imitate everything we see around us, especially what we see at home. The little girl we’re going to be presenting you today is a perfect example of that. Her mother, Jenny Strebe, is a well-known hair-stylist. So this little girl’s been absorbing all the knowledge from her mom in this field!

instagram hairstyle Hairdo done by Magnolia’s mother on her hair!

Magnolia is a 5 year old little girl with a huge talent. She learned from the very best professional: her mom. And she really knows how to make the most of it. Her mother is already pretty well-known on social media. And when she saw that her daughter was quite talented and people really like seeing her work, she decided to make her an Instagram account too!

You can find her at @confessionsofaminihairstylist. There you can see lots of videos of her working and doing different hairstyles as well as pictures of herself and her everyday life. She’s a true inspiration for lots of people out there. Check out her account and you migh even get ideas for yourself. If a 5 year old kid can follow her dreams, than so can any capable adult. All you’ve got to do is set your mind to it and the rest is the easy part. Protection Status for