They are some of the strongest, sexiest and most agile girls in the world. For many years, WWE doesn’t live only for its male stars, but the girls also have a very important role to fulfill in the world of wrestling.

Thanks to Instagram, now you can follow them and see the best pictures of their combats, see the latest photo shoots they have made for magazines or know a little more about their everyday life. These are some of the WWE divas you should follow on Instagram if you are a fan of this kind of entertainment.

Eva Marie

Despite being in the world of wrestling for less than a year (she debuted on RAW on July, 2013), this girl from California has risen very quickly thanks to her incredible physique and to have been valet (manager) of the Twin Sisters. She already has more than 700.000 followers on Instagram and her account is @natalieevamarie.


Only 21 year-old, this English girl has been the first female fighter to win the two most important belts of the wrestling world.  Her real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis and her profile, @realpaigewwe, already has more than 1.600.000 followers. She doesn’t need to buy Instagram followers, neither does she need to buy combats. She is a real beast!



Instagram @RealPaigewwe

Brie (The Bella Twins)

If we have to choose one of the Bella Twins, we choose Brie, because Nikki is already taken by John Cena. But, in any case, the two of them together form a lethal couple. If you want to follow Brie on Instagram and be one of her most than 700.000 followers, you can find her on @briannagc. Her pictures are very sweet and informal.


This WWE Canadian professional fighter has won two championships. This might be because, when she was a teenager, she was the only girl in his class. She is one of the most dangerous and beautiful fighters of the WWE. You can follow her on @therealmaryseouellet.


This girl from California of Mexican descent is one of the divas of the golden age of the female category of WWE. She is a three-time general champion and two-times champion of the divas’ division. You can follow her on @realmelina.

Of course, all of them are so famous that they don’t need to buy followers on Instagram. We have tried to present a mix of the greatest fighters of all times and the ones who are now the most famous of this sector. However, it’s true that some of them don’t have an Instagram account yet (snif…and what are they waiting for?). post Protection Status for