WWE Divas on Instagram

WWE Divas on Instagram
October 10, 2014 admin

Divas de la WWE en Instagram. They are some of the strongest, nimble and sexy girls in the world. For many years now, WWE has not only lived on its male stars, but girls have also made their way into wrestling.

Thanks to Instagram now you can also follow them and see the best of their last matches, their posed for magazines or learn a little more about their day-to-day life. These are some of the WWE divas that you should follow on Instagram if you are a follower of this great show.

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Eva Marie

Despite having been in wrestling for less than a year (she debuted in July 2013 in RAW), this Californian has risen quickly thanks to her great physique and to have been a valet (manager) of the Twin Sisters. It already has more than 700,000 followers on its Instagram profile: @natalieevamarie


With only 21 years, this English has been the first fighter to unify the two most important champion belts.
His real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis and he has on his profile @realpaigewwe more than 1,600,000 followers. he does not need to buy followers on Instagram or buy combats. What a beast!

Brie (The Bella Twins)

If we have to choose one of the two Bella Twins we stay with Brie, since Nikki already has John Cena. The fact is that the two form a lethal pair.If you want to follow Brie on Instagram and be part of her more than 700,000 followers, you can find her on the @briannagc profile. Your photos are sweet and familiar.


This Canadian WWE professional wrestler has two championships to her credit. Perhaps the fact that throughout high school he went to class with only boys has influenced his life. It is one of the most dangerous, and also one of the most beautiful. Follow her at @therealmaryseouellet.


This Californian of Mexican descent is one of the divas of one of the most golden eras of the female category of WWE. She was 3 times champion and 2 times champion of divas. You can follow her in @realmelina.
Of course, they are all so famous that they do not need to buy followers on Instagram. We have tried to make a mix between mythical fighters and the most famous of the moment. Some of them, it is also true, are not yet on Instagram (snif … what are you waiting for?).