Women get more real followers on Instagram

Women get more real followers on Instagram
May 6, 2018 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
Women get more real followers on Instagram

Women fight to get equality and get more real followers on Instagram

It is undoubtedly that 2018 is the year of women. This year was the most massive manifestation on an International Women’s Day, March 8th. Thanks to this fight, a lot of women get more real followers on Instagram.

But everything didn’t end there. Every day, women fight to prove to the world that this year is the end of patriarchy and machismo. They denounce on their social media the inequality of their countries and the world. Thanks to this initiative, they get more real followers on Instagram who join their cause and support them.

One of the first things that we need to eradicate to achieve full equality is to eradicate the sexualization. This is the case of the model Emily Ratajkowski, who receives a lot of obscene comments every day. The worst was, when she posted pictures of her youth, because she received more obscene comments than other times.


Fortunately, she gets real followers that support her and get her more real followers on Instagram to fight against those obscene comments.

The second thing that we need to eradicate, especially in the most sexist countries, is the prohibition to women to enjoy sports, parties or different habits.

That happened in Iran, where women can’t go inside of football stadium. This has caused that a few women prefer to dress as men. They like football and they want to watch the matches of their favorite team inside the stadium.


One of those women, and the most famous, is Zeinab. She posts a lot of pictures disguised as a man. She appears in all make-up, with false beard and wig. Thanks to her football matches’ look, she can enjoy the football inside the football stadium and get more real followers on Instagram. She has received the support of thousands of women who want the liberty to enjoy football’s matches without dressing up.


All is changing and we hope that gender equality be achieved. Meanwhile, we encouragewomen to fight the inequality on social media to get more real followers on Instagram and fight together to achieve equality.

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