The Latest Instagram Trend Takes Place in the Bathtub

The Latest Instagram Trend Takes Place in the Bathtub
July 23, 2015 admin
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Julia Roberts has been one of the most successful actors to the date. Now, people are imitating her on Instagram, but how exactly? #InTheBathtub.

The latest trend consists of taking one’s pic while they take a bath, and if they’re not alone, much better. It is the new trend of summer and it has to do with water, as the Ice Bucket Challenge last year. This time, it’s less traumatic.

It is centered on people and some could consider it an extension of the selfie movement. We’re always looking for new ways to look good to our followers, and this one combines that with the fun and even the sensuality of bathtubs.

It is said that Julia Roberts inspired the trend. In fact, it is based on the famous scene in Pretty Woman where Roberts is laying in the bathtub by herself, with a yellow Walkman. The scene has been imitated by lots of people since, including Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé on Instagram or Rihanna in a video clip.

#InTheBathtub and #BathtubChallenge feature things like this #InTheBathtub and #BathtubChallenge feature things like this

Apart from loads of people sharing a place in the bathtub, we can also see people with their pets, bathing in cereal or taking photos that would hardly overpass Instagram’s hard censorship. Pets are a must-see, and, of course, there’s loads of them sharing people’s bathing time. Many people combine that with food, which does sound relaxing.

The good thing about this trend is that it’s not harmful (we all remember the consequences of the Kylie Jenner Challenge, don’t we?) so one can only say “why not?” It’s a way of having fun with your friends, your pets or by yourself. And, let’s be honest – who says no to a relaxing bath in warm water after a long day at work? Now Instagram helps us find trends to relax.