Talabe Today, New Instagram Sensation

Talabe Today, New Instagram Sensation
February 2, 2016 admin
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With all the millions of users that Instagram has actively on its platform, we usually see th same exact types of people and pictures. Travel, food, gym pictures, etc. But wouldn’t we all like to use Instagram as a sneak-hole to another culture? Well, believe it or not, there are already Instagram accounts like that!

instagram iran Example picture taken from Talabe Today.


Today we’re bringing you a special account called Talabe Today. This account because increasingly popular in Iran but is now slowly spreading onto a global level. The account basically shows the every day lives of Islamic children. The account was created by an Iranian seminary student precisely to try and reach as many people as possible, to show the world how the life of conservative clergy is, its importance and how present it is.

Lots of people from other cultures tend to see these people as those who talk in front of big crowds explaining how western cultures are neck deep in imperialism. However, when we take a look at the account we can see that is goes much further than what we might imagine. It’s true that you can never really understand a culture until you see it up close, and sometimes we just make assumptions over everything. We think using Instagram this way is a great tool to connect different cultures around the globe and start ending all the prejudice we usually have against one another.