Spanish skater shows the world how he skate boards and gets real followers and likes Instagram.

Skateboarding is a sport that originated from California between the years 60s and 70s. It’s started as a model and sport that can be a great substitute for surf. For this reason, it became very popular and quickly spread to other countries. A few years later, it had become in one of the most popular sports in the five continents. Thanks to this sport, you can get real followers and likes Instagram easily.

For example, famous skater as Rodney Mullen has more than three hundred thousand of real followers and likes Instagram. People love Rodney, and the proof of that, is that he has only thirty four posts.

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In 2005, a biography (The Mutt) came out, which captures a kind of arc that runs parallel to some friends that I’d like to introduce over a series of half-dozen posts—there is a pattern worth sharing. Starting where the book begins: As early as I could remember, I had to sleep with boots tied at the heels, which forced my pigeon-toed feet into a “V.” Doctors prescribed this to try to pry them from their natural state, aimed at each other. I walked like a drunken chimp, tripping myself constantly. My father… not exactly proud. For years I rarely left my room, so fixated on Erector Sets (pre-Legos) that my mom just left meals at the door. Then I got a skateboard. All those endless hours of fitting “Legos” together translated into piecing-together movements, learning tricks. I found my balance and taught myself how to learn. Everything I have, came from skateboarding. I can’t imagine what I’d be without it.

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Other famous skater is Tas Pappas, he became famous thanks to Tony Hawk and his love to skate board. Thanks to that, he can promote his account and obtain real followers and likes Instagram. He shares pictures of his life with his wife, children or friends.

The most famous skater is Tony Hawk. He is a legend thanks to his tricks and his invented tricks, and he is the first skater to land a “900”. Thanks to all his works, he is nowadays a legend of skateboarding and can get everyday hundreds of real followers and likes Instagram. Nowadays, he has more than three million of followers and more fans.

From Spain we have got a great legend, Marcelo. He is twenty years old, but he has been practicing skateboarding since he was twelve. Unfortunately, he became blind on 2015 due to an illness. He was devastated, because he couldn’t see anymore and he couldn’t skateboard. But everything changed when he told his friends that he couldn’t skateboard anymore. His friends decide to help him to get to know the skate track with his blind stick and with clay.

Thanks to his effort, he is an influencer in Spain and can get real followers and likes Instagram quickly. Protection Status for