Serena Williams Deleted Photoshopped Picture

Serena Williams Deleted Photoshopped Picture
May 2, 2016 admin
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The famous tennis player had a photoshoot a few days ago with People Magazine in a bathing suit. However, as all magazines do, they retouched the picture with Photoshop before publishing it. Selena took the Photoshopped image and uploaded it to her Instagram account, but in just a matter of hours her comments section got flooded with comments asking why she had to upload that version of the picture, that was way too obvious it was edited.

selena williams instagram Unedited picture next to Photoshopped one. Picture taken from Daily Mail.

In the past years lots of Photoshopped images of celebrities have been criticized, since there’s a more conscious mind of society and how we’re being sold a fake ideal of beauty. So to fight against this, people try to tear all these fake images down, especially when it comes to celebrities since they represent part of society in one way or another. They influence a lot of people around the world.

Serena Williams is one of those people with a more rational mind, and after seeing all the comments her picture was getting, she took it down and uploaded the original picture afterwards. People were extremely surprised by her decision, and very proud too. They said that picture was clearly better since you could tell that her waistline was natural and fit with her body type.

If celebrities start to assimilate their bodies, then it will be easier for other to do so too. We’re unconsciously influenced by their lives, and if we start seeing that they’re normal people too, then it’s much easier for everyone to open their eyes.