Popular Instagram Barbie

Popular Instagram Barbie
September 4, 2015 admin
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There are lots of viral Instagram accounts that have become famous for many reasons. Most of these accounts are real people, but some famous Instagrams are little kids, dogs or even only-food dedicated Instagrams. Either way, they’re pretty common things. But what if we told you that one of the most popular Instagram accounts is a Barbie doll Instagram?

barbie instagram Picture taken from Socality Barbie’s official Instagram account.

Ok, so it’s pretty obvious a Barbie doll can’t run an Instagram account, mainly because they’re plastic. But the woman behind Socality Barbie had this great idea and people are loving it. The owner is a wedding photographer from Oregon.

She decided to create this account a few months back as a way of slightly making fun of Instagram users who upload similar pics to the one she uploads with her Barbie as the protagonist. She travels to different beaches, mountains, cities. She takes pictures while drinking coffee, casually sitting near a railway track… All this, of course, with very original and funny captions and hashtags.

The owner says that there are a lot of people on Instagram that take these kind of pictures and expect people to believe it’s their real lifestyle, when in reality that’s basically impossible. So she found an original way to “mock” this situation with lots of humor. Honestly, we think it’s a fantastic idea and we really encourage you to take a look at the whole gallery!