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Today several online business brands make use of social media platforms to run their online events. Instagram is a popular social media platform that several brands use to leverage their online marketing initiatives and events. It helps them to reach out to several online users along with their existing customers and followers.

You can take the scope to make your online event stand out from other competitors by opting for a well thought out marketing and brand strategy. For this, you need to know your event's uniqueness and the kind of show your attendees will get attracted to. However, before you start marketing your event on Instagram, you need to make sure that you know exactly how to position your brand.

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Before you go all out to run and promote your event, it is smart to increase your Instagram likes. It will add more prominence and credibility to your business profile on Instagram. For this, you can opt-in for companies that enable you to purchase Instagram likes based on your requirements.

It's not wise to purchase a considerable amount of Instagram likes just before an event. Your audience must know and understand that your online growth and prominence is gradual. If you want to mimic an organic growth in your Instagram likes and followers, then you can buy 50 likes Instagram before the event. The service providers are tuned into your requirements and cater to them accordingly. Buying 50 Instagram likes can help you get some mileage before the event and attract more online likes and followers during and after the event.

Once you have purchased your Instagram and solidified your marketing and branding strategy, you need to run and promote your event on Instagram. Here are a few methods that you can opt-in for:

1. Generate a trendy hashtag

Hashtags are an essential element on Instagram. It is necessary to fix a catchy and unique branded hashtag for the event, which needs some thinking. It would help if you generated a hashtag that is specific to the event and the volunteers. When you use these two kinds of hashtags before the event starts, it will help you create a buzz around it. You can use the hashtags for posts related to your event for people to click on the post and check what it is about.

If you have never used a hashtag before, there’s no reason to stress! You can use minimal creativity and out of the box thinking to think about a hashtag that will appeal to the event attendees. Here are a few tips that will enable you to create the best hashtag for your event:

  • You need to keep your hashtags clean and clutter-free! It would help if you didn't have a bundle of hashtags that will confuse the audience. It will put down your content, and people will start to associate your brand name with other redundant posts from various sources.
  • You need to keep the hashtags easy to remember and short! You might use the event name as your hashtag so that people can relate to it easily. Regardless of any hashtag that you decide to use, make sure that the attendees find it easy to remember and login to your event. It will increase your brand and event recall value.

2. Share stunning imagery

Instagram is a visual social media platform that makes it necessary for brands to invest in high-end photography for event promotion. The Instagram post pictures should reflect the brand of the event and the experience that the attendees will have if they are a part of the same. It is necessary to stand out and ensure that your followers and online users are excited about the event. Hence, you need to opt-in for striking imageries to accomplish this goal.

3. Generate suspense for your event

When it comes to an online event, it is essential to generate anticipation and excitement to get enthused to purchase the tickets. It would help if you generated excitement by sharing teasers about the event details, ticket deals, and contests. The objective of all these is to create a buzz amidst the communities. Then people would want to be a part of the event instead of missing it.

You can opt-in for the following teaser post ideas for your event:

  • You need to share about the speaker line-up and entertainment! As you make use of a headliner act, you can resort to that as a scope to share a preview of the line-up.
  • You can also start a line-up countdown. It would help if you generated excitement by generating posts until you declared the event talent line-up.

4. Host contests and giveaways for enhancing engagement

Leverage the followers on Instagram to make the algorithms work for you! One of the best ways to do that is through Instagram contests and giveaways. You can plan several exciting contests and giveaways so that it creates more user engagement on Instagram. It will help to market your event online and boost ticket sales.

When you plan your contest, it is essential to generate rules associated with each of the giveaway and contest posts. It will make sure that the contests are watertight to avert any problems. You can opt-in for several ways to organize giveaways and contests on Instagram. Some of the probable actions that online users and your followers can take for winning are:

  • Share and like your post
  • Create a related post using your event hashtag
  • Comment in any one of your post
  • Tag a friend in your post
  • Tag your business account in their Instagram story
  • Follow your business Instagram account.

5. Add RSVP link to the profile

You need to make sure that you add your event's RSVP link to your business account and share the descriptions. Such links are essential for your bottom line and provide you the scope to capture contact details. It also helps you market your future event through various other channels like direct mail, email, and social media platforms.

Hence, it is necessary to purchase Instagram likes before your event. After that, you can follow the guidelines mentioned above to promote your event.

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