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You have clicked some stunning Instagram photos, tweaked them using filters, yet you did not manage to gain significant likes. Fret not. There are social media hacks that you will learn in this article. Poor engagement could be due to many reasons. Relax and take a deep breath because you can garner thousands of Instagram likes for your ads provided you know the rules of the game. Once users start liking your IG content, you will also gain followers on your Instagram ads. Instagram is huge and has too much competition and therefore, you need some time to build likes, followers, and engagement.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, you can gain increased engagement on Instagram by using solid and strong colors. In this article, we will walk you through three clever ways to gain more IG likes for your ads. Read on to learn more.

1. Organize a giveaway or contest

When you run a giveaway or contest on Instagram, it is not something new when it comes to social media marketing. Organizing contests is one of the popular ways to boost post engagement. Do you know why? That is because we all love free things. For example, if you are offering free product samples of your new coffee, all coffee lovers with like, share, and comment on your Instagram ad.

Then, it is better to collaborate with someone to get the maximum returns on contests or giveaways. When you work with an Instagram influencer, it will help you build a huge number of followers and empower your social media marketing efforts. This way, you will gain more likes on your Instagram ads and profile followers.

Some local restaurants are using the giveaway strategy to gain more likes and followers. Yes, some cafes too offer freebies for loyal clients and even new ones. Then, these businesses create their IG ad content based on contests or giveaways to build more engagement.

2. Share Instagram stories frequently

You might be wondering what Instagram Stories have in common with building ad engagement. Well, you upload photos or videos that stay for a day. Though IG Stories isn’t directly related to ads until the story is an ad itself, several Instagrammers cited that stories do help in boosting brand awareness and engagement on this visual social platform.

IG Stories is also one of the best ways to make your social media presence felt on the digital landscape. Therefore, keep sharing more stories regularly or use an IG Story ad to build engagement. You will benefit because Stories ads better than other kinds of advertising. With more engagement, you could not only buy 20 real Instagram likes but thousands of them provided you share the best content on IG.

Another benefit of Stories is that your content will feature on the Explore page, where Instagrammers visit for viewing new content. IG picks profiles to be shown on the Explore page depending on the IG accounts you are already familiar with and the posts you usually follow.

You can feature on the Explore only when you share stellar and super-engaging content. There is no place for mediocrity here. When your content features on the Explore page, your content garners more likes and engagement.

3. Display ads when your followers are active on Instagram

Instagram comes with a cool feature that helps you to schedule the ads, thus you can decide when these ads would show up on the platform. You can use this feature to show your ads to the right audience at the precise time when users are most active on Instagram.

When you know who your followers are, scheduling becomes an easy task. However, with some trial and error or experimentation, you can master the art of scheduling your IG ads.

Focus on your niche business. For instance, if you have an online retail business, you need to know when people shop online. Again, if you have an auto dealership, you need to figure out the days of the week that have maximum user engagement. You should focus on the days when your ads gave maximum traffic, online or people visiting your retail store in person. Therefore, it is crucial to mull over when your targeted audience is most active on Instagram. Therefore, you need to research, watch the trends, and ask questions to make the most out of your IG ads.

When you are not interested in a lifetime budget and yet want to schedule Instagram ads, there are other ways to manage it. You can make the best use of free ad scheduling apps or tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite. These tools help you in managing and increasing your Instagram followers. Try these tools and you will benefit.


Instagram is a dynamic social app to take your ads to the next level with more likes, comments, and engagement. Use the new features of Instagram to boost your ad campaigns on this platform.

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