Photographer Undresses Instagram Pictures

Photographer Undresses Instagram Pictures
January 14, 2016 admin
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Every time we slide down through our Instagram news feed we constantly see amazing pictures with awesome lighting and perfct angles uploaded by the people we follow. And that’s really nice, everyone likes seeing nice pictures, right? Doubt anyone’s a fan of blurry snapshots. The problem comes when people start believing that those posts are real-life or “supposed” to be real life.

instagram One of Chompoo’s project pictures.


A photographer from Thailand decided to show the world how sometimes Instagram pictures aren’t exactly what they may seem in most cases. The picture above is an example of the types of pictures Chompoo Baritone shares with us. So basically, it’s a totally normal picture, but the section that would supposedly be uploaded to Instagram is marked with a border simulating the app window. And it’s amazing to see. Because the full picture is actually a picture any of us can take. You just crop part of edit, edit it a bit and tada! You’ve got a super awesome Instagram pic.

This project is really nice and it might help lots of people to see that Instagram isn’t real life! There’s always some edit here or there, or a huge crop. You never know. So we should stop envying those “Internet lives” of others and live our own, but always uploading great pictures! Protection Status for