Nudist Yoga? Almost.

Nudist Yoga? Almost.
September 26, 2016 admin
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Instagram users like following accounts that motivate them to do differen things. An example of that are yoga accounts, and they’ve become increasingly popular over the past few years. Today we’re bringing you a very interesting yoga account we’re sure you’ll love!

jess taras Picture taken from Jess’s Instagram account.

Her name is Jess Taras and she’s a professional yoga teacher who lives in Los Angeles. This 27-year-old has been working as a teacher of this art for the past 6 years and frequently uploads lots of pictures of her in different yoga poses. Her flexibility is incredible, and the pictures are just amazing. In an interview she did for XXL Magazine, she claims that on Instagram we’re used to seing the female body as something vulgar, but on her account she wants it to be seen as a form of art. And honestly, if you take a look at her pictures, you’ll be beyond fascinated. Plus, she also uploads several yoga pose pictures without a single article of clothing and respecting Instagram’s norms, and they are absolutely stunning.

We highly recommend giving it a look by clicking here. You’ll surely be motivated to start learning how to do those yoga poses and look as great as she does. After all, it’s extremely healthy for both the body and the mind. Who wouldn’t want that kind of health? Protection Status for