New Dangerous Instagram Trend

New Dangerous Instagram Trend
July 13, 2016 admin
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Lots of today’s beauty trends are born on the famous social network we all know as Instagram, and there are many many kinds: makeup trends, clothing trends, body trends, etc. However, these last ones can sometimes be quite… dangerous. You have to know how safe a trend is before actually deciding to go for it.

ab crack The new Instagram trend, the “ab crack”. How dangerous is it?

You’ve all probably heard of previous trends like the one where people would try to hold coins on their collarbone to prove they’re “thin”. Another past trend is the iPhone 6 challenge, where you would put an iPhone 6 over your knees, both together, and see if the phone was that long. Also for the same reason. Probably the most famous trend would be the thigh gap, which we all know nowadays.

However, all of these trends about “being skinny” can be quite dangerous, especially bearing in mind that most of these things are genetic and not related no being thin or not. It mostly depends on your bone structure, and that’s not something you can change with excercise. So, the new trend that appeared recently is the “Ab Crack”, where girls show of their “vertical line” on their torso as a synonym of thin-ness and health. The problem is that “line” is, once again, not related to being thing, healthy or anything, and mostly relies on genetics.

The reason why we say these trends are dangerous is because lots of innocent people can find out about them and try to reach their goal by doing dangerous things to their body like, for instance, not eating or eating much much less. It’s important that we all start realizing the facts behind these “challenges” and think before we act.