Daily Instagram Diet

Daily Instagram Diet
July 15, 2016 admin
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Being healthy is something that’s literally in style. And it’s probably one of the most positive trends ever. However, lots of people get the wrong idea of health through social media. Thankfully, we’ve got people who try to show us the right way to it.

amelia freer Picture of one of Amelia Freer’s salads. Looks delicious!

There are many Instagram accounts you can find to help you get hundreds of recipe ideas that are healthy at the same time. The first oen we want to show you is Natasha Corrett’s Instagram called honestlyhealthy. She’s very well-known for her special alkaline diet that many celebrities are following. So check out her account and try finding your favorite plates and then doing them yourself!

Another famous foodspirational Instagram is Joe Wicks’ accounts called thebodycoach. There you can not only find healthy recipes, but also some HIIT videos to get you pumped up and ready for some good excercise. It’s the perfect mix of contexts!

Amelia Freer is also a great option if you want more food-related accounts. She became famous for her cookbook, which helped a celebrity lose lots of weight in a very short period of time and motivated many others to follow her footsteps. Not only do her plates look delicious, but all photo captions come with the recipe or a link to the recipe. It’s as easy as as looking for the one that catches your attention the most and clicking on it!

There’s no excuse to not eat well, especialyl when you can find motivation in one single social network.