Weirdest Food Instagrams

Weirdest Food Instagrams
July 11, 2016 admin
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When you think of food-related Instagrams, you probably think about beautiful pictures of lovely and delicious looking plates. but what if we told you there are famous Instagram accounts about food that are totally different and that you’re going to love them? Well, keep on reading and you’ll see for yourself!

kristina lechner An example of one of Kristina’s “fake” food pictures.

The first one we found out about is called Inflight Feed. By the name you can pretty much guess what it’s about: pictures of airplane meals. It’s really nice to see the different foods you find on airplanes, but the thing with this account is that most of them seem to be… quite expensive flights.

Now, you all probably know who Meryl Streep is, she had her golden years a while back. But some people are still huge fans and take it all to a whole new level. Taste of Streep is quite a peculiar Instagram account where you’ll find Photoshopped Meryl Streeps inside food. Sounds weird, right? Well, once you look at the pictures for a while you start finding them more and more interesting. Go check it out!

This next one is quite unique. If you’re a big fan of coffee, we’re pretty sure you’ll like Dicklatte! Yeah, the name also pretty much says it all. It’s coffee art, but all with one unique theme: male privates! Who even comes up with these things?

And last, but not least, we’ve got Kristina Lechner. We left for for last because her pictures are of food… but not exactly real food. She’s a graphic designer that made this account to take pictures of non-edible items in a way that they actually look like real plates. Check it out, it’s awesome!