More New Instagram Tools

More New Instagram Tools
October 19, 2016 admin
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Apparently Facebook had implemented new tools on its page in order to help people struggling with abuse, suicidal tendencies or anything along those lines. And now, they’ve decided to take these tools and bring them to Instagram as well.

instagram tools Instagram is starting to implement new tools to help those in need of professional help.

Now, you may be thinking: how can you help someone with those issues through Instagram or Facebook? Well, it’s simple. It’s basically the most you can do in a case like this through the Internet. They have implemented some support tools that every single user can use in order to report abusive attitudes or people in trouble. It doesn’t necessarily be someone attacking someone else, but maybe you see someone upload a picture on Instagram and think they might be needing help. You can send a request anonymously with these tools and let Instagram know that they might be in need of help. After, they’ll receive a message saying “Someone saw one of your posts and thinks you might be going through a difficult time. If you need support, we’d like to help.”

Also, there are certain hashtags that automatically trigger this message and, of course, send a warning to Instagram as well. It’s amazing to see how these websites try and work hard to fight against all these issues through social platforms. These tools aren’t just random ideas that popped up, though. They got the help of professional health experts, support groups, etc.