Make-up artists buy active followers

Make-up artists buy active followers
April 30, 2018 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
Make-up artists buy active followers

Make-up artists buy active followers to promote their inventions and new fashion styles

On previous posts we told you about make-up artist who invented a new fashion to welcome spring and winter. Our most important influencer on our previous posts was Taylor R. because she is the inventor of this style, and so many influencer copy her. Taylor R. has become famous thanks to this fashion and now she has more than three hundred thousand followers, but she recurred to buy active followers to increase her fame.

We also told you about people who draw incredible bows on their face. A fashion invented by Lisette Scheffler. She started a beautiful and funny fashion that was imitated by a lot of people. Nevertheless, Lisette has only one thousand five hundred followers. She needs to buy active followers, if she wants to become an influencer.

Related to Lisette’s fashion, we can find Stefan Oskys. She is a young woman, who change Lisette’s design and incorporated more crazy designs like Disney Princess Brows, Infinity Brow or Mario Kart Brows. Thanks to her crazy design, she increased her followers. But, before she needed to buy active follower to interact with her publication and become an influencer.

But we have a different fashion today. It’s a new fashion that consists of painting and decorating the nose. It was invented by the influencer Goth Fruits 4 months ago. She decided to paint on her nose a very realistic fried egg, and some days later she decided to paint on her nose a few little and colorful flowers. Goth Fruits had just invented a new fashion. She needed to buy active followers to promote her new idea, and quickly she bought about one thousand of active followers and increased her popularity.

Now, others instagramer imitate her. For example Skyz Highlight who painted three pink hearts on her nose. Or Giannna Paola Jimenez who has changed the fashion and has done art with Sushi’s nose, Stars’ nose, New York City’s nose or Pink Floyd’s nose.

They are authentic artists of make-up. But to become an influencer, they needed to buy active followers. Now, they obtain every days hundreds of followers. Protection Status for