Laura Pausini Shows Her Real Face to the World

Laura Pausini Shows Her Real Face to the World
November 30, 2015 admin
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For those of you who may not know who she is, Laura Pausini is a famous Italian singer-songwriter. She has a huge fanbase and is loved by people from all around the world. She has also decided to join the famous movement that’s going on on Instagram where models and other famous women are uploading pictures of themselves without makeup or any type of filter.

laura pausini Picture with no filters or makeup uploaded by Laura Pausini.

Her picture went viral, her fans were amazed at how nice she looked without makeup. Once of the things that motivated her to do this was the recent picture of her that was used as a magazine cover for “Yo Dona”. She was extremely photoshopped and everyone, even herself, claimed that she didn’t look like herself at all. This is the whole point of this movement, to raise awareness of photoshop excess. Nobody is perfect, not even models. Don’t try to be like a magazine cover girl!

We’re really glad to see more and more famous people do these sort of things, because they’re extremely influential and have the potential to make their message reach many fans! Most of these natural pictures with no makeup are loved by the fans, everyone enjoys seeing their role models without any makeup, just how they look naturally. Who doesn’t? It makes us see them as if the were more humans, as if they’re very similar to us. Because that’s actually how it is.

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