Instagram’s New Timeline is Here

Instagram’s New Timeline is Here
March 21, 2016 admin
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Last week we mentioned that Instagram would change its timeline and we would no longer see posts in a chronological order. If you’ve updated the app, you’ll see that those changes are already here. So now, the most “important” ones should be showing up first!

instagram Picture taken from Nike’s official Instagram account.

This change is done to imitate in some way this social network’s father: Facebook. Facebook has updated quite some time ago and now when you visit a friend’s profile, you’ll see that their posts are not in chronological order either, but shows you the most popular posts first instead.

Now, why would Instagram make this change all of a sudden, in spite of lots of people complaining about it? Well, because it will increase their revenue, basically. However, now that Instagram wants to start monetizing itself, this might have an impact on brands that used this website to promote themselves. Those businesses that weren’t big brands like Nike or H&M might have some trouble with this new update, since now it might be more expensive to promote your products on this social network. This could mean that growing on Instagram will be a much harder task, because even if you work hard on having a perfectly neat and attractive account, it might not be enough. Protection Status for