Instagram’s new @Music account

Instagram’s new @Music account
May 4, 2015 admin
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For the first time, the photo-sharing social network ‘Instagram‘ has launched an internally operated account, @Music. Currently more than 300 million people use Instagram with more than 25% of the most popular accounts belonging to musicians. Since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has become an exceedingly useful promotions and communications tool for artists, not to mention a great source of news and entertainment for fans.

The account @Music will be updated once daily from Tuesday through Sunday. Posts will be composed of short profiles of featured artists and a mix of different series, such as 15-second music lessons and clips publicising independent artists from around the world. Apart from drawing attention to well-known artists the primary goal of @Music will be to spotlight dynamic emerging talent.

On the 29th of April two profiles launched on the account. The first was Questlove, a well-known music personality and drummer for The Roots, the other was the budding math-rock band, Tricot, from Japan. Short articles will appear beneath photos taken from the artists’ own accounts, while more detailed profiles will be available on Instagrams blog.

Instagram hopes to develop into a full-service location for all music lovers and to enhance it’s position as a key ally for artists and labels. Today, the average user spends approximately 21 minutes a day on the app, a figure Instagram hopes to improve on with dedicated channels such as @Music. With that said, it’s quite likely that more channels based on other topics may follow.

Instagram isn’t the only social network to try and use the consistence and popularity of the music industry. In 2013 Twitter launched a short-lived #Music to try direct music-related tweets into a separate location for fans. However, users never took advantage of the #Music Twitter account and after just 6 months the company backed away from the initiative.

Instagram claims it’s taking a different approach to Twitter saying “This is not a new product we’re building. We’re just extending the great work our community has already done”. Hopefully they’re successful and we might have our next go-to spot for all things music-related.